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Yuji Susaki (1963) | Japan | Photography


Ancre 1


Multiple prize-winning photographer Yuji Susaki started his career in New York at the end of the 80's, before returning to Tokyo in 1992, where he has been working in the advertizing, fashion and music industries. Convinced there is nothing so much boring as perfection and linearity, he aims to surprise the eye with contrasted elements and surreal compositions.


In his cosplay series, Susaki explores the transition from adolescence to adulthood through the art of cosplay, which is very popular in Japan. Dressed as schoolgirls, maids, or nurses, in clothes that seem too tight for them, Susaki's models reflect a generation that refuses to grow up, that wants to challenge conventions, and desires to be at the centre of attention. For many observers, a question will raise: is cosplaying living one's dreams or dreaming one's life?



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