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Vadu Amka (1991) | Belgian | Retro gaming


Ancre 1


With the mindset of an historian-collector Vadu Amka gives a second life to old-fashioned and deprecated computer games and systems, and revive their icons through her constantly evolving talents. Graduated from the Instituts Saint-Luc and the Instituts Paul Hankar in Brussels, Belgium, she combines modelling skills with Street Art techniques to realize customized games consoles, to repackage old games – like by putting their chip together with nice graphics under glass –, or by painting computer-style adaptations from games.


She brings out the best of everything she touches, ensuring that the video game culture grow further into a global phenomena that got out of the screens to affect and passionate millions of people across the globe. Her recent works on game consoles have contributed to her international popularity and are the featured in dozens of online and offline media.

Retro gaming
Geek art


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