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Sam Dougados (1976) | French | Photography


Ancre 1


Alternatively writer, sculptor or drawer, Sam Dougados is a self-taught artist that best expresses himself today in land art (or environmental art). Armed with a simple rake, Sam wanders beaches all around the world, including in France, Morocco, Spain and the United  Kingdom, looking to engrave ephemeral artworks that have as sole limit the time and the rising tide.


Categorizing his work as beach art, an analogy to street art that tends to occupy the public space as well, he proposes a new way to enjoy the marine landscape to those who accept to look beyond their beach towel! Once he's done raking the beach, he patiently waits to capture the best shots of it, often when curious, bathers or passers-by, play and interact with his work. His photographic prints are available in limited editions of 3, 7 and 12, depending on the size.


He won the beach-art world championship in Jersey in 2011, and has been exhibited in various artistic institutions in  France, Luxemburg and  Spain. Sam has also worked outside the beach space and won several public commissions.

Beach art
Limited editions


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