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Indie 184 (1980) | American | Street art


Ancre 1


Dropping out college to fully explore her artistic potential, Indie 184 is an active member of the New York graffiti scene since the early 00’s. Influenced by Pop Art as well as Abstract Expressionism, she organizes her work in layers of papers, paint, stencils and photographs to create intense and emotional compositions, often centered around female icons. It is not always easy to be a woman – is it easy to be a woman Street Artist? – she might tell us, but one can source inspiration for those who stepped up and worked hard to succeed. 


Her work has been exhibited in various countries around the world, including France, Norway, Australia, Canada and the United States. She recently designed beauty bags for MAC and some of her wall paintings were shown in video game hit Grand Theft Auto IV! That's not all: she also created fashion brand Kweenz Destroy in 2006, a fusion of her passion for graffiti and fashion. Indie 184 is Cope2’s partner.

United States


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