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The anime



Published in the Weekly Shonen Jump from 1980 to 1987, Hich School! Kimengumi depicts the episodic adventures of a bizarre group of junior high school students calling themselves the "Funny Face Club". Causing trouble at the school with their eccentricities, they nevertheless act rightfully and teach readers and viewers of its anime life lessons.


Each character's name of High School! Kimengumi is a pun. A few examples: Kawa Yui sounds like "Kawaii" (cute), Reietsu Go like "Let's go" and Uru Chie like "Urusai" (loud)! An 86-episode anime realized by Studio Gallop and Studio Comet was broadcasted on TV between October 1985 and September 1987. Outside of Japan, the anime has only been released in France, under then name "Le Collège Fou, Fou, Fou".

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