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Hajime no Ippo (2000-2002) | Japan | Japanese animation

The anime

Ancre 1


Winner of the 1991 Kodansha manga prize in the Shonen category, Hajime No Ippo depicts the rise of high school student Ippo Makunouchi in the professional boxing world. Regularly bullied by his classmates, Ippo is taken by professional boxer Mamoru Takamura to a boxing club to be healed after he got beaten up once more. When retired boxer and club manager Genji Kamogawa asks him to punch a sandbag to let off steam, he will soon discover Ippo’s great strength and innate talent.


Considered a classic in the sport category, Hajime No Ippo's manga and anime are continuing today. Several related movies and video games have also been produced.

Geek art


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