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Fuma no Kojiro (1989-1990) | Japan | Japanese animation

The anime

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Fuma no Kojiro is one of Masami Kurumada's most popular manga with Saint Seiya, Ring ni Kakero and B't X. Interestingly, the main characters in Kurumada's mangas all have the same appearance and personality. Most often males, they usually devote their lives to a cause, animated by a true heroism and sense of sacrifice.


In Fuma no Kojiro, the renowned martial arts school Hakuo Gakuin is undergoing tough times as rival school Seishikan is dishonestly attracting its students. Student Ranko Yagyu manage to obtain help from the mysterious Fuma ninja clan. When young Kojiro from Fuma discover that Seishikan is protected by the Yasha clan, an war started 500 years ago is about to resume.


The manga was adapted in 12 anime episodes and 1 movie. A TV drama was also produced in Japan in 2007.

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