Carlos Olmo (1970) | Spanish | Illustration

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A multifaceted graphist and illustrator, Carlos Olmo is regularly commissionned disc covers for major as well as independent music producers and series of official prints for movie releases in theatres such as Star Wars and Batman. His first comic book, "L'Orage", was published by Glenat in 2008. Carlos is also a great drawer, and he applies his talent on outdoor advertisings and newspapers, giving a critical and often humorous view of current events.


Carlos is featured in the Geek Art bible, "Geek-Art, Une Anthologie, Art, Design, Illustrations & Sabres-Laser, Volume 2" ("Geek-Art, An Anthology, Art, Design, Illustrations & Lightsabers, Volume 2") published by Huginn & Munnin in 2014.

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