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Captain Tsubasa (1983-1986) | Japan | Japanese animation

The anime

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Captain Tsubasa is a popular manga created in 1981 by Yoichi Takahashi that was adapted in several anime, movies, and video games. It focuses on the adventures of young football player Tsubasa Ozora. Roberto Hongo, former Brazil national team player, accompany Tsubasa and the Nankatsu SC in their development. Together, they will defeat teams led by charismatic rivals such as Kojiro Hyuga or Jun Misugi, through the use of unconventional techniques. Tsubasa and some of his friends and rival will eventually play for Japan national team and continue their careers in European championships.


In 2013, a bronze statue of Tsubasa has been installed in Tokyo's Katsushika ward, where Yoichi Takahashi comes from. About 80 million volumes of Captain Tsubasa have been sold worldwide, and many among profesional football players claim to have read and to have been inspired by it.


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