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The online art gallery of choice for international amateurs and collectors through a (really) stringent selection of artists and an offbeat approach

Nosotros |

How it works

How it works |

KOCHI Gallery is a leading online art gallery partnering with a thorough selection of international artists and art galleries to offer amateurs and curious the best of contemporary art, street art, geek art and Japanese animation art.


We handpick artists and galleries with a track record of exhibitions and sales.


You choose and order online through our secured payment gateway.


 We ship in record times, anywhere in the world, and you got a free return option.

KOCHI Gallery is a family affair. Children of a collector, united by our passion for art, we bring complimentary skillsets to the table.

Emmanuel, CEO & Founder

After four years of investment banking in Tokyo and Hong Kong, Emmanuel undertook an MBA at INSEAD, during which he worked for the CEO of a French leading utility company on a strategic reorganization project.


Emmanuel has an extensive experience in finance, business development as well as management. He also holds a Master degree from a top-tier Business School, and Bachelor degrees in Economics and Law.


In his free time, Emmanuel enjoys meeting artists and visiting galleries and museums across the globe. He owns a collection of Japanese animation Art.

Oriane, Associate

Since her childhood, Oriane has been keen on painting and drawing. After obtaining a Master degree in finance from University Paris Dauphine in 2008, she worked for the banking industry in Tokyo and Hong-Kong, where she was struck by the tremendous development of the local art market.


Oriane is responsible for the gallery's overall communication, including the management of press relationships and social networks, which she has to date managed in parallel to completing a degree in interior design. Fond of abstract art, her favourite artist is Vassily Kandinsky. From our selection, she particularly likes Benjamin Capdevielle's work.

Guillaume, Associate

Educated in sociology, anthropology, philosophy as well as in international business, Guillaume currently works as a marketing counsel in a leading market research company in Paris, for which he is in charge of quantitative studies for a wide range of clients operating across the globe.


For KOCHI Gallery, Guillaume plays a major role in the promotion of our featured artists and their works. He is responsible for the development of the artist-related content you can find on our website. Guillaume owns a collection of street art.

Lauriane, Associate

Lauriane Queffélec is a freelance art director with more than ten years of experience. Specialized in editorial design, she regularly collaborates with the French major publishing houses. She has worked on inspiring art books such as "The adventure of contemporary photography", "Coca-Cola in art" and "Sennelier, a history in color".


Lauriane graduated from the HEAR (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin) in Strasbourg, France. She is fond of abstract expressionists and new realists. From our current artists, Florent Touchot is her favourite, reminding her Villeglé's late 40's lacerated collages.

Press |


Yeah, some people got interested in what we do! You will find here a selection of the press coverage from various media.

September 2016 | alloweb

Interview |

October 2015 | Achetez de l'Art

Online art gallery guide |

15 February 2015 | 925|Rebellion

Interview of Emmanuel Tiberghien, Founder of KOCHI Gallery |


November-December 2014 | artension #128

Révolution : l'art à l'heure de l'Internet


28 September 2014 |

Vadu Amka a sa galerie sur KOCHI Gallery |


September 2014 | ici Londres

Galerie française en ligne | Page 9


18 June 2014 |

Emmanuel Tiberghien, promotion 2008, fonde une galerie d'art online spécialisée dans des arts jeunes et en vogue ! |


15 June 2014 |

Un nouveau regard sur l'art avec la KOCHI Gallery | | "[...] tient à coeur de suivre les artistes et de promouvoir leurs travaux au plan international et ce, dans un esprit décalé en se démarquant des grandes maisons de ventes qui ont rendu le marché élitiste."


09 June 2014 | – L'e-journal de Boulogne-Billancourt

Emmanuel Tiberghien, fondateur de la KOCHI Gallery | | "[...] le ton est léger et complice, mais délivre un contenu exhaustif, qui permet au néophyte de se sentir à l’aise."


05 June 2014 | AMA (Art Media Agency)

Launch of the KOCHI Gallery | | "Taking advantage of developments in online art commerce and street art, KOCHI Gallery aims to establish itself at the heart of a young and promising market..."


04 June 2014 |

Lancement de la KOCHI Gallery | | "Alors que la KOCHI Gallery fait son apparition sur un marché jeune et porteur, son fondateur veut promouvoir une démarche différente, moins formelle que ce qui est de rigueur dans nombre de galeries physiques..."


03 June 2014 | AMA (Art Media Agency)

Lancement de la KOCHI Gallery |


03 June 2014 | Artistik Rezo

Lancement de la KOCHI Gallery |

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