Gum (1976) | French | Street art

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"Fuck growing up!". In a society slowly but surely slipping into an idiocracy, Gum, with his candy name and his acidulous sense of humour, refuses to grow up. Spoon-fed, flooded into a constant stream of idealistic images, people are developing a bulimia for the "bling-bling", the plastic, the artificial tastes. A symbol of this social schizophrenia: the young want to become old and the old want to become young again.

Gum speaks of a sanitized consumer society where nobody finds his place and where the leveling down of the general consciousness makes us amorphous. His universe of colorful, childish and hyper-sexuated images is a satire of this evolution. However, Gum is not here to give us a lesson but to deliver his message across, a message full of irony, and full of hope. Soon, the plastic will melt. And so will the tyranny of the popular images that surround us!

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