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Dr. Slump (1981-1986) | Japan | Japanese animation

The anime

Ancre 1


Dr. Slump, the last work from Akira Toriyama before Dragon Ball, is a manga depicting the adventures of Arale Norimaki, a robot that its creator Senbei Norimaki hope to be the world's most perfect. Unfortunately, Arale turns out to be myopic as well as naive, which will draw her into funny situations. Her extraordinary strength helps her to get out of many bad situations and to protect her friends. Menwhile, her creator faces romantic failures over and over again, while he tries to invent gadgets to be able to look at naked women.


Ranked as one of the best manga ever, Dr. Slump definitely helped Toriyama to gain notoriety, paving the way for Dragon Ball. About 35 million volumes were sold in Japan. Vroom!

Geek art


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