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Christophe Pouget (1967) | French | Photography


Ancre 1


A free lance graphic designer for more than 15 years, Christophe has exercized his talent for imagining and composing appealing visual sceneries working with communication agency Euro RSCG for prestigious clients such as Dior, Louis Vuitton or Nokia.


When he set up his own design firm in Lyon, France, Christophe picked up the photographic work he had left aside. Inspired by David Hockney’s polaroid works, he wanders across the globe looking for places that breathe life. Once he finds one of such places, he captures hundreds of pictures, from the same point of view, at different times and therefore under different lights. In the end, what remains of his search for the soul of urbanity are the collage compositions that, like windows on the world, cristallize stories, moments, people, lives. And makes the spectator reflects on the way memory works: what do we remember of places we have been?


His artistic career jump-started in 2013 when we won the "Vision of the World" prize organized by the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, which now represents him in New York. His work was shown at the Affordable Art Fair of Hong Kong and Singapore in 2014.



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