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Jean-Luc Desset (1974) | France | Contemporary art


Ancre 1


A child from the 80’s, Jean-Luc grew up with Disney cartoons. The hegemonic reign of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the like is now shared with Japanese kawaii heroes such as Hello Kitty. “This neverland, where nothing gets old and dies is what scares me”, he says. ”I fight against that by fixing these pop culture icons on canvases. I belong to that generation which does not want things to disappear”. His accumulated and colourful set of symbols and characters derived from the contemporary popular culture look at us, lonely, coldly, flat.


All elements in his compositions touch themselves, connected in an unstable equilibrium that reflects the precarity of our life. Jean-Luc likes to place his self-portrait, as a stamp saying “I was here as well”. His work has been exhibited in more than a dozen galleries and fairs across the globe, including Germany, France, Italy and China.



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