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Ewen Gur | French | Contemporary art


Ancre 1


Ewen started drawing at an early age, drawing inspiration from video games and French comics. As a teenager, Ewen attended comics master classes with local artists for several years, improving his technique and learning from them, before contributing to local magazine Dynamite comics. After graduating in art, Ewen spent some more years studying and trying different mediums of expression

In 2006, Ewen found an old canvas left to rot, and started painting on it, with homemade tools and some paint found here and there. It was the start of a serious relationship. After showing his work around the Loire Valley, organizing and taking part in local exhibitions, it was time to follow the way of the famous street artists who had influenced him and to give his career a big turn in a big city. He ended up choosing Berlin. His artistic originality needed such a creative place to thrive, and it influenced his style with street art, new illustration styles, fashion, outsider art, beer, and strange people.

Ewen’s art is focused on black outlines; it’s very detailed and always in search of the perfect curve (the perfect “groove”, as he likes to call it), but it still looks deceptively simple. Another aspect of his art is the use of bright colors to give a rock’n’roll touch to his work, and to serve as a reminder of the energy transported by the music he likes to listen to. A work by Ewen is like a typical Berlin party, it always intertwines several artistic mediums: it’s a painting with its own music score and its own dance rhythm.


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